Meet NCCE 2021 Featured Speaker: Tyler Rablin

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NCCE is honored to have Tyler Rablin as a featured speaker for our annual conference this year! Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting this year’s featured speakers. This diverse group of educators provide attendees a broad range of experience and expertise in education. Mark your calendar for March 17th through the 20th for a virtual conference experience like no other!

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Tyler  is a current instructional coach and National Board certified high school language arts teacher in Sunnyside School District in Sunnyside, WA. On the side, he is a consultant with Shifting Schools, contributing writer for Edutopia, and a Google for Education certified trainer. His educational passion is focused on the ways that meaningful technology integration, modernized assessment strategies, and strong cultures of learning can allow us to provide meaningful, powerful, and personal learning experiences for each of our students. In his personal life, he enjoys reading, running, and spending time hiking and camping with his wife and two dogs.

Tyler is Live from NCCE this Thursday!

NCCE is excited to bring live events to you from our amazing Professional Learning Specialists. Our goal is to provide quick, easy tips that you can use right now to best implement powerful technology tools in your classroom, whether face-to-face or in support of remote teaching. Those that attend live also have the opportunity to ask questions of our experts, so you can be in the know, no matter the tool! We hope you can join us!


Tyler’s Sessions at NCCE 2021


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Thursday, March 18th

Mastery in the Classroom: Assessment That Matters
1:00 pm–1:50 pm

It is impossible to know how long anyone is going to take to learn anything. More importantly, the rate at which we learn something shouldn’t affect the value of that learning. What does this mean? It means that, in an age where information is everywhere, we need to be empowering students to pursue true mastery of content, no matter how long that takes. The tricky part is how to make it practical and possible in a classroom walled in by pacing guides, lots of students, and deadlines. Join me to acquire an understanding of why mastery matters, how to get started on the journey, and the different tools that can make managing it much more…manageable.

Stepping Off the Stage: Student-Driven Methods That Matters
5:00 pm–5:50 pm

So often we hear the phrase “guide on the side, not sage on the stage,” but what does that really mean? Does it mean direct instruction is wrong? We’ll talk about these questions and look at methods for helping students interact with content in ways that connect with what we know about the brain, what we know about students, and what we know about the skills students need to be successful in the modern world. Attendees will acquire four major structures for helping students grapple with new content that they can apply to any lesson.

Friday, March 19th

ReImagine WA Ed Tech Tool Bonanza
10:00 am–10:50 am

Last May this crazy group of educators got together to host a YouTube Live Tech Tool Bonanza. We’re back at NCCE with more fast paced Tech Tool Fun. Brought to you by the team of educators behind the ReImagine WA Ed program.

Driving their Learning: Student-ownership that Matters
1:00 pm–1:50 pm

We hear about student ownership, but what does that really mean? More importantly, how do we ensure we are providing ownership to students in ways that will actually enhance their learning? This session aims to address those two questions with practical, classroom-based strategies and techniques to ensure that student ownership is truly driving learning forward. We will discuss methods for providing students access to their data to inform their choices, how to teach students the skills they need to be an independent learner, and how to hold students accountable in equitable ways throughout the process.

Commenting with Power: Feedback That Matters
4:00 pm–5:30 pm | Workshop

While teachers want feedback going into students’ brains, most often that feedback just end up in the trash, digital or otherwise. This workshop introduces new methods for providing feedback in ways that actually spur new learning by using a medium that matters for students and helping create structure around what we do with feedback. Attendees will be exposed to the research around feedback, learn new tools that make feedback more meaningful, and then actually build their own structure and methods for providing feedback that matters.

Saturday, March 20th

The Indicators: Classroom Innovation That Matters
11:00 am–11:50 am

Based on the in-progress book, this session will cover essential indicators that must be in place for “innovation” to truly be innovative in the classroom. We so often see all the flashy projects and things kids are doing, but we miss the elements under the surface that really make those experiences matter. Attendees will walk away with look-fors in the classroom to ensure that they have a foundation from which they can build truly innovative classrooms, as well as planning resources to get them started.

Empowering a Changing Learner: Learning Experiences That Matter
2:00 pm–3:30 pm | Workshop

When we talk about motivation, engagement, and (most importantly) empowerment, we have to recognize that the world our students live in impacts how we can tap into those elements. In this workshop, we’ll examine three major shifts we can make to tap into the drive our students already have, and after each shift, we will take time to build a learning experience that empowers students to be themselves and make a difference.

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