Interested in Microsoft Imagine Academy Training? NCCE is here to help!

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NCCE is so excited to now offer Microsoft Imagine Academy Training to schools across the US. If you are new to Microsoft Imagine Academy, it is a program designed to give students and educators the curricula and certifications they need to succeed in a tech-driven economy. We asked two of our NCCE professional learning specialists to share why they are so excited about this program:

Kelly Williams

Kelly Williams

Understanding the depth of content and resources available on the Microsoft Imagine Academy site will help educators prepare students to be career and college ready. The Imagine Academy provides the latest technology training and access to resources and curriculum to help students feel confident on their certification journey as well as gain 21st century skills. Educators have a wealth of content available to not only support student preparation but also marketing materials and resources for their own professional development.

Diane Harrington

Diane Harrington

Getting training will help teachers jumpstart their understanding and use of the curriculum, online learning directory, study guides, certification vouchers, and marketing materials included in Microsoft Imagine Academy. Being able to comprehend the structure of this website is key to utilizing the resources for teachers, staff, and students. Benefits to teachers are professional development resources, certification vouchers, and free comprehensive curriculum that can be customized to be delivered face-to-face, virtually, synchronously, or asynchronously. Students learn and develop their technological skills through the comprehensive curriculum provided in MSIA. This prepares them for nationally-recognized industry certifications which can also earn them college credits and prepare them to be career and college ready.

This short video from Microsoft does a great job of giving an overview about the program as well:

Did you know…

Microsoft Imagine Academy (MSIA) access is now available upon new purchase or renewal of volume license subscriptions*  as a program skills benefit at no additional cost. Check with your district to see when you will have access to it!

Learn more about how NCCE can help succeed with this program by visiting our Microsoft Imagine Academy (MSIA) website.

* EES (Enrollment for Education Solutions), School, and OVS-ES (Open Value Subscription – Education Enrollment subscriptions)