Celebrate Cyber Education with LifeJourney’s NSA Day of Cyber during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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The NSA Day Of Cyber sponsored by the National Security Agency, is an online, interactive cyber career exploration experience, which runs on the LifeJourney platform.

It enables students to take a seat beside the NSA Cyber Threat Director and test drive a day in the life of six NSA cyber professionals.

Users will participate in challenging real-life cyber scenarios, discover the skills and tools used by the NSA cyber professionals, and explore the vast number of careers in cybersecurity.

Choose a date this October to run the NSA Day of Cyber online cyber career exploration experience in your classroom and connect your students to some of the most in-demand career opportunities in cybersecurity.
STOP. THINK. CONNECT. – the global online safety education and awareness campaign, is the cornerstone of this month-long program to educate all consumers and businesses about the importance of cybersecurity and protecting personal information. (#CyberAware)