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Tech Savvy Tip: Google Sheets Email Notifications

Google Sheets

Did you know that you can setup Google Sheets to email you when a change has been made to a sheet? In this weeks Tech Savvy Tip, Mike shows you how!  

Tech Savvy Tip: Google Chrome Profiles

Tech Savvy Tip

This is new video release week at NCCE! Jason and I are releasing our own video series to add to the great lineup of Just in Time Videos from NCCE! In the first Tech Savvy Tip, I show off how

Thanksgiving History with PBS LearningMedia

FEATURED STORY Uncover the Origins of the Mayflower Compact Discover why most of the Mayflower’s male passengers signed a historic agreement. In September 1620, religious dissenters, called “Separatists” by their detractors, were joined aboard the Mayflower by other English colonists

Tech-Tip Tuesday: Save Your Cell Phone Battery

With one of the worst travel days of the year coming up this week, tech-savvy teachers will be asking their cell phones to work beyond their typical work day.  How do you keep your phones up and running when they

Tech-Tip Tuesday: Use the Keyboard to Correct Quick Mistakes

I was recently during lunch at a training, “what is the one tip that you think would help nearly everyone using technology that nobody knows?”  I found the question fascinating and thought long and hard about the concept and have