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#Make a bold classroom: tile print an image for a bold wall poster!


In my past days as a social studies teacher, I love filling my room full of maps, charts, posters and flags to help support my goal of making my classroom an inviting space.  There was one time, however, that I

Create a “Tinker Station” for $40 using Raspberry Pi

When I was a 4th grader, my classroom had an Apple IIe that my teacher basically used as an incentive station for students that finished their work early.  I remember pounding out my math facts as quickly as I could

Weekend or Summer Project! Get a sweet Arduino starter kit and start making now!

Arduino Logo

With summer coming soon, many teachers are looking for a fun, challenging project this summer to totally up their game on hacking and make skills.  The Tech-Savvy Teachers recommend an Arduino, the inexpensive microcontroller.  What’s an Arduino, you ask?  Make