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Tech Savvy Tip: Google Sheets Email Notifications

Google Sheets

Did you know that you can setup Google Sheets to email you when a change has been made to a sheet? In this weeks Tech Savvy Tip, Mike shows you how!  

First Look: Google Data Studio

Do you use Google Sheets to organize and analyze data? Are you looking to go beyond the built in charts in Sheets? If your answer is yes to either question you should check out Google Data Studio: Google Data Studio

New from NCCE: The Chromebook App List from the Tech-Savvy Teachers


We are pleased to release a new tool from the NCCE Tech-Savvy Teachers, the NCCE Chromebook App List! The list will always be at this short link: One of the hurdles for teachers adopting Chromebooks in their classroom is

Combine Multiple Google Sheets with ImportRange

Do you have multiple Google Sheets that you would like to be able to combine into one Google Sheet? Do you work in a team setting where multiple people are creating separate Sheets and you would like to combine the

Slides: K-12 Formative Assessment and Analysis with Forms and Sheets

Here are my slides from my presentation: K-12 Formative Assessment and Analysis with Forms and Sheets

Join us at the Tech-Savvy Teacher Portland Summit March 22nd!

Back by popular demand for a second year, NCCE’s Google Summit will feature presentations and workshops from the Pacific Northwest’s “App All-Stars,” a collection of engaging and in-demand educators from across the region that know innovation and results.  The summit