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Tech Savvy Tip: Google Chrome Profiles

Tech Savvy Tip

This is new video release week at NCCE! Jason and I are releasing our own video series to add to the great lineup of Just in Time Videos from NCCE! In the first Tech Savvy Tip, I show off how

Chrome Extension: Tab Wrangler

Do you suffer from tab overload? I know I do! I am constantly looking for an extension that helps me with my tab problem, but also gives me the options to keep my most used sites available. Jason and I

Tech-Savvy List: 3 Great Chromebooks for Schools Fall 2017

As more and more schools invest in Chromebooks, we like to keep on eye on the evolving market. There is no shortage of options when purchasing a Chromebook. The key is deciding your school or district needs prior to purchasing.

Enhance Student Collaboration in your Google Classrooms with SMART amp

Our friends at SMART Technologies are guest posting today sharing SMART amp and how easy it integrates in Google Apps for Education. Jason and I have worked in amp for the past few years and are impressed with it’s seamless

Join us at the Tech-Savvy Teacher Portland Summit March 22nd!

Back by popular demand for a second year, NCCE’s Google Summit will feature presentations and workshops from the Pacific Northwest’s “App All-Stars,” a collection of engaging and in-demand educators from across the region that know innovation and results.  The summit

Speed up your computer with the Great Suspender!

Are you a Google Chrome user that keeps many tabs open? If your answer is yes, then all those tabs are slowing down your computer. Here is an example of 11 open tabs in Chrome with fairly typical sites like

The $100 Chromebook? Turn a Cheap, Dated Laptop into a Speedy ChromiumOS Device with CloudReady!

It is no secret that I love Chromebooks!  Since first purchasing an early Samsung Chromebook, I have been impressed with the simplicity of the platform, coupled with the bargain price.  I have since then updated to a 2014 edition of

Tech-Savvy Tip: Set up Multiple Chrome Profiles to Ninja-Master Multiple Google Accounts

At NCCE in Seattle in this past February, I received a question during the Google Summit about management of multiple Google accounts.  “I now have three Google accounts, including one for school.  I am constantly trying to log into to

Tech-Savvy Tip: Create an “icon bar” in your browser’s bookmark bar for quick access

For those of you that started your journey as a tech-savvy teacher in the 1990s, you may remember the popularity and necessity of bookmarks in your Internet browser of choice.  Before Google, search engines were notoriously unreliable and difficult to use.