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Snapshot of a Tech Savvy Teacher

Snapshot of a Tech Savvy Teacher

In this new series by NCCE, Geri Gillespy interviews Tech Savvy teachers to share ideas of how they are using technology in their classroom. Welcome Geri to the Tech Savvy team!

Welcome to NCCE 2018! Be a Tech-Savvy Attendee

NCCE 2018 is here! We are so excited you could join us for 3 days of learning and building connections. We want this conference to be a great experience for you. Here is the vital information you need to be a

30 in 50 – 2017: The latest tech-savvy apps for tech-savvy teachers!

A big thank you to everyone who attended the session live! Here is the list this year, enjoy!

Ask a Tech-Savvy Teacher: Help me with dongle-land!

We received this message last week, via our “Ask a Tech-Savvy Teacher” page here on the Tech-Savvy Teacher blog: “Hello Tech-Savvy Teachers, My kids bought me a beautiful new Chromebook for Christmas, and I love it! I have all but

Tech-Savvy Tip: Set up Multiple Chrome Profiles to Ninja-Master Multiple Google Accounts

At NCCE in Seattle in this past February, I received a question during the Google Summit about management of multiple Google accounts.  “I now have three Google accounts, including one for school.  I am constantly trying to log into to

A tech-savvy stocking stuffer: Belkin’s SurgePlus Travel Surge Protector

Jason's Belkin Charger

Each December, I am asked the same question over and over: why should I buy my nerdy tech-savvy friend, spouse, co-worker, boss, etc.? It is an excellent question, however, there may not be a good, single answer since technology is

Ask a Tech-Savvy Teacher: Use a Cheap Android Phone as an “Android Touch” Platform (Part 2: Shopping)

Android Phone

Recently, I answered an email to the “Ask a Tech-Savvy Teacher” page on the NCCE blog about finding a cost-effective “Android Touch” to use without a cell phone plan. I suggested repurposing an old or used phone as an Android

Ask a Tech-Savvy Teacher: Use a Cheap Android Phone as an “Android Touch” Platform (Part 1)

Android Phone

I recently received this email from the “Ask a Tech-Savvy Teacher” page on the blog: Hey Tech-Savvy Teachers! My iPod Touch just played its last iTune after five years of faithful service.  I want a good media player to replace

Microphone options for the iPad

We recently were asked about the best ways to record audio using an iPad.  This is actually a question that requires some thought as there are many solutions. Depending on your desired outcome, some ways are better then others.  Below

Ask a Tech-Savvy Teacher: Twitter Question

Jason and I are excited that we are starting to receive some questions from our readers.  Remember, at the very top of the page there is a link entitled “Ask a Tech Savvy Teacher”.  Clicking on that link will bring