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Do you feel like you always have a lot of pots boiling at once? I’m one of those educators who always has five pots cooking on a four burner stove.The Wakelet Chrome extension has changed my life and helps me organize my pots!

In the middle of resource overload, the Wakelet, a digital pinboard for educator, helps us organize and plan our units, our modules, and resources, whether we’re working alone, or collaborating with a team. Each collnectio acts as a multi-media pin board allowing us to save, images, links, articles, pdfs, etc to share,  collaborate on or use as we see fit. 

Let’s get cooking. Let’s say that you have created five Wakelet boards to represent five things that you are currently, or always working on.

Picture this, you are planning for a module or  unit coming up on teacher productivity and edtech. 

You’ve created a board just for this module.  Let’s call that pot number 1.

You are also collaborating with your team on a unit or module related to culturally relevant pedagogy and assessment and have created a collaborative board that everyone has access to. That’s pot number 2.

It’s been a long time coming, but you need to revamp your literacy unit and related syllabus. Yeah, you know it’s time!  That’s pot number 3.

You also need to start reading articles and resources related to diverse literacy, it’s sort of related to your literacy unit but youd like to keep that separate so it gets its own board. Diverse literacy is pot number4.

Oh, and you always have a pot boiling with the latest edtech tools and tips. That board is pot number 5. Lots of good stuff in there; kind of like a big pot of gumbo.

On any given day, as you are surfing the web you will come across articles, resources, web pages, and tips that you need to organize and save to one of these pots. The handy dandy Wakelet Chrome extension sits on your Chrome bar and with just a click, you can organize items from around the web and save them in any one of these boards. Simply go to the top, click the Chrome Extension and a tab opens, allowing you to choose which board (or pot)  you’d like to add your resource to. Just click to add the PDFs to your collection for your literacy unit, pot #3, or add the Youtube video on assessment to pot #2. Those tips on how to organize Google Drive, add it to your WaKelet Collections #1, and #4. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 

While we have access to lots of rich, relevant resources on any topic, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and overloaded. Wakelet and the Wakelet Chrome Extension help you to organize your resources into meaningful collections that you can collaborate on in real time and share widely. So get Cookin’. 

rosalyn washingtonRosalyn Washington, Ph.D.

NCCE Professional Learning Specialist