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MarthaNCCE has an unbelievable team of individuals from WA, MT, OR, ID and beyond, working and supporting our members. This months featured board member is Martha Thornburgh.

Full name

Martha Thornburgh

Professional Title

Transition to Kindergarten Teacher

School District or Organization

Mount Vernon School District

What state are you from?


Highlight a memorable event or person from a past NCCE event that reminded you of what NCCE represents.

Many have a certain image of what type of person can be a tech savvy in their classroom. One thing that I really love about going to the NCCE conference is that it is clear that tech savvy teachers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds. The common thread is that we are all brave innovators. I love making connections with those who are well known in the field of educational technology while at the conference, but I love even more when I get to attend sessions led by classroom teachers who are doing amazing things in their classrooms and finding ways to engage students in new ways.

Please describe the reason you joined the NCCE board of directors.

I have been active in NCCE ever since I moved to the Pacific Northwest 23 years ago. NCCE has provided so many opportunities for me to grow as a classroom teacher, and as a technology leader. I recently moved into a new role where I am working with our youngest students. When approached about running for the board, I at first questioned whether my new position would be relevant on the board. But, I wanted to take this opportunity to give back to this great organization and also add the perspective of an early childhood teacher which is not widely represented in the field of instructional technology.

How many years have you been an involved member of NCCE?

I have been a member of NCCE for 23 years. Attending the conference and presenting almost every year.

Please share something you learned from being part of the NCCE community.

As my roles have changed over my career, I have had a lot of opportunities to present and instruct adults. Presenting at NCCE has giving me many opportunities to practice these skills and gain confidence. In addition, I have had the opportunity to learn from the masters as I have attended sessions with amazing presenters.