Speaker Spotlight: Missy Widmann

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In the ever-changing field of education, where the intersection of technology, health, fitness, and community engagement meets the quest for lifelong learning, one name stands out: Dr. Missy Widmann. With an unwavering passion for understanding the intricacies of the human brain and a career spanning 24 years, Dr. Widmann has become a luminary in the field of educational neuroscience.

A Journey Sparked

Dr. Widmann’s odyssey into educational neuroscience took a significant turn in 2011 with a book that sparked a revolution in her thinking—John Ratey’s “Spark.” As a health and fitness teacher, the book’s exploration of the profound impact of exercise on the brain resonated deeply with Missy. This revelation catalyzed a transformative project in collaboration with Mike Sandner, her boss in the Bethel School District.


The journey led them to co-write a grant for the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department, resulting in the formation of the Healthy Schools Grant Team. With their collective efforts, they birthed a groundbreaking initiative—integrating Brain Breaks into classrooms. The culmination of their collaboration was a comprehensive brain breaks toolkit featuring over 100 activities spanning content-specific exercises, mindfulness practices, and crossbody activities.

The Educational Neuroscientist

Armed with a doctoral degree in Educational Neuroscience from Northeastern University in Seattle, Dr. Widmann brings both rigor and innovation to the realm of education. Her career has been diverse, spanning various educational levels from middle and high school to college. Simultaneously, she has been actively engaged in co-creating initiatives with educators from pre-K to the collegiate level, expanding the horizons of educational neuroscience.

Beyond the Classroom

Missy’s influence extends beyond the four walls of the classroom. She co-founded Neural Education, an organization committed to empowering educators with insights and expertise in neuroscience. Neural Education acts as a catalyst for positive change, influencing how we approach education, integrate technology, prioritize well-being, and build stronger communities.

A Speaker and Advocate

Dr. Widmann is not just an expert in her field but a passionate advocate for the transformative power of educational neuroscience. She shares her wealth of knowledge at local and national conferences, school districts, and universities. Her presentations delve into the neuroscience behind crucial topics such as learning, attention, engagement, movement, executive function, and the development of 21st-century skills.

Life Beyond the Lab

Beyond her academic pursuits, Missy finds joy in simple pleasures. She enjoys cooking, indulges in home design, and embraces the “rain or shine” ethos of Pacific Northwest outdoor activities with her husband and son. This multifaceted approach to life mirrors her holistic perspective on education and well-being.

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