Esports Sessions and Exhibitions at #NCCE2020, Sponsored by Trox

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NCCE 2020 is proud to feature an extensive lineup of esports-related sessions and demonstrations!  Esports are taking K-12 education by storm, and we’re proud to present you in-depth sessions and exciting competitions featuring Seattle-area high school students.

Glenn Whitcomb, the IT Operations Manager in the Pasco School District, and longtime friend of NCCE says that “Esports allows for Inclusion and Engagement for all students who might not otherwise participate in extracurricular activities. Check out NCCE 2020 sessions and workshops showing the value of esports in education and how this is taking the world by storm– preparing our students for a career in the growing video gaming industry. See first-hand local students competing at NCCE 2020 held on March 4-6 in the TROX ESPORTS ARENA at the WSCC in Seattle.”

TROX Esports Arena at NCCE 2020

Trox LogoWe are proud to announce that for the first time, we will feature Seattle-area high school students competing in esports expedition in the Trox Esports Arena at the Washington State Convention Center as part of our NCCE conference!  Each day, we will feature a different esports team, along with their coach:

  • Wednesday – Coach Noah Bannister – Burlington Edison esports team
  • Thursday – Coach Jason Dilley – Sedro Wooley esports team
  • Friday – Coach Jamie Woodards – Anacortes School District esports team

You won’t want to miss the non-stop action of these competitions!

Thank you, Trox, for sponsoring this amazing event!

NCCE Esports Sessions and Workshops

Tahoma 1



Steve Burt

Esports in K-12: Opportunities and Options

The esports trend in universities and professionally has grown to be one of the most popular sporting events in the world. This session will explore how esports is emerging in K-12 (both in formal classrooms and informal clubs) throughout the country. In this session we will explore what esports is, the benefits to students, and how to get started.

Tahoma 2



Samantha Anton Make It Theirs: Design an Esports Club Your Youth Will Love and Learn From Esports (competitive gaming) is considered by many to be the next big thing, with a global viewership of 292 million in 2016 and revenues of over $463 million. But esports can do more than entertain; it can also be leveraged as a platform for youth engagement around STEM interests plus social emotional learning. This session will show how, with an overview of a free club system that includes curriculum, learning toolkits, plus hands-on guidance, extended learning programs can create opportunities that are designed to connect youth’s passion for gaming with learning.
Tahoma 2 11:30 Thurs Samantha Anton & Panel

Scholastic Esports: The Future of the Industry’s Workforce

Esports, is an education game changer! With the rise of scholastic esports, educators have a unique opportunity to validate their students’ interests, support their social emotional learning, and connect them with future workforce aspirations.

In our panel of program leadership and active esports educators, we will share how the North America Scholastic Esports Federation builds the future through more than video gameplay alone. Through a fully credentialed, state-approved curriculum that intertwines esports and education, a network of esports clubs across North America, and organized league play, this work within scholastic esports emphasizes the holistic learning of the student!

Tahoma 2 1:15 Thurs Josh Kell, Horizon AVL

Leveling Up Esports for Education

The ever-changing landscape of esports can make it challenging to navigate. It’s important to find the right starting point. Questions arise such as, Where do you begin? Which league to join? Which machines to purchase? How many? These are the right questions to ask, yet the esports industry goes much deeper. There are various options available.

This session will answer questions, explore a roadmap that will steer you in the right direction, and help narrow your focus while developing a vision. We will discuss curriculum, broadcast, training rooms, arenas, building a community and culture, and explore ways to encourage recruitment and increase enrollment.


Tahoma 2 2:15 Thurs Josh Kell, Horizon AVL

Esports it’s a game changer – Let the experts tell you more

What is Esports and how does it tie to the values of K12 education? Can it foster learning and thinking? Find out first hand with a panel of experts that will give you the in’s and out’s of the recent movement and see why this nearly billion dollar activity is creating a wave of college scholarships and opportunities for our students.  The panel experts will be able to  answer the “why” and give firsthand information as to the benefits of creating a gaming club as well as competitive teams. For those looking to start an Esports program or just want to learn more on how it benefits school and students.

Tahoma 2 3:15 Thurs Tyler Rising

Education and eSports

Gaming exploded in the last five years bringing a new phenomenon for the public to engage and consume. From LAN parties in the early 2000’s to worldwide competitions airing on ESPN, video gaming and esports is growing at an accelerated rate. Millions of dollars in prize money, endorsement opportunities for professional players, and scholarships for college are the culminations of years of dedication by enthusiastic gamers to push for validity in today’s changing environment. In this session, you will learn about esports from a high level. Then we will discuss how esports is currently involved in the education space. Finally, we’ll help you understand what is required to get a team started in a high school near you. As a bonus, we will discuss how we can engage gaming in the classroom earlier than high school.