Using Macs or iPads at your school? Great new weekly resource from @9to5mac

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If you are a district that uses Macintosh computers or iPads then you will want to check out this new weekly feature at 9 to 5 Mac. Jason and I are big fans of the blog and it is one of our go to resources for the latest Apple news. They have just started a weekly series from Bradley Chambers @bradleychambers. on Apple devices in the classroom. Bradley has been managing Apple devices in education since 2009. 

In his first post, he talks about some the challenges with managing Apple ID’s in the school environment. I appreciate his honest assessment of the state of managing Apple devices and the tips he adds to help new folks getting into the Apple management realm. I have high hopes for this series. Check it out at:

Making The Grade: Apple needs an Identity Management Solution to take over schools

Bonus Content!

Here is a 9to5Mac YouTube feature called Back to my Mac. This series gives great tips and tricks as well as recommended hardware to maximize your Mac. This video is Episode 2: What’s on my Mac: