Chrome Extension: Tab Wrangler

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Do you suffer from tab overload? I know I do! I am constantly looking for an extension that helps me with my tab problem, but also gives me the options to keep my most used sites available. Jason and I have been using Tab Wrangler for about 6 weeks and we are happy to report that does a great job of closing our unneeded tabs automatically while giving us the power to tell it which sites need to stay open. Tab Wrangler features a “Tab Corral” to give you one click access to all of your most recent open tabs, so if something is closed that you need to get back to, it is just a click away.

Tab Wrangler Chrome Extension

Automatically closes inactive tabs and makes it easy to get them back
 - Automatically closes idle tabs after designated time
 - Saves closed tabs, easy to re-open
 - Chrome sync saves settings between computers
 - Doesn't close pinned tabs
 - Lock tabs from closing

But don't worry, auto-closed tabs are stored safe and sound in the Tab Corral. Highly configurable, and totally awesome. It will save your computer.

Grab the extension

Check out the Google Chrome Web Store to add Tab Wrangler to your Chrome Browser. Let us know in the comment section how it is working out for you!