NCCE’s A Minute with Maria – Episode 2: Microsoft Edge Pin Tabs

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With over 25 years of educational experience, Maria Turner has always worked to bring curriculum to life by challenging her students with real life problem solving opportunities. After earning her Master’s in Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction, she had the opportunity to work with classroom teachers infusing technology into their ongoing units and extending learning opportunities beyond the classroom and school walls.

Maria is one of the charter members of Hillsborough County Public Schools’ technology training team. In this role, she has continued to share her passion for bringing the curriculum to life through instructional technology by modeling, co-teaching and mentoring teachers, administrators, and paraprofessionals throughout the district.

In recent years, Maria’s expertise has been utilized by writing and facilitating online classes as well as being a lead member of several district wide implementation teams.

In Episode 1, Maria looked at the Quick Launch area of Microsoft Edge. In Episode 2, Maria shows you how to pin tabs in the Microsoft Edge Browser: