Build a Blended Learning Presence – Part 1

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Are you new to blended learning? Would you like a summer project to changes up learning next school year? This multi-post guide will help you build an online classroom and explore different techniques in providing a blended learning experience for your students.

Part 1 – An online platform

There are many great entry level learning management software systems (LMS) available. Some of our favorite are Google Classroom, Edmodo, and Schoology, but for this project I want to guide this blended learning process with a full fledge LMS. We will be using MoodleCloud because it is free, provides a great learning environment based upon constructivist theory, is easy to move your course to different platforms, has an advanced toolset, and I use it everyday 🙂 A few more features about MoodleCloud:

Quick, easy & up to date

MoodleCloud is super simple, your site can be up and running in minutes. No need to install, upgrade or backup anything. MoodleCloud is automatically updated with the latest version of Moodle so you receive new features, improvements and fixes just as they are released.

Create amazing courses

Fill your courses with awesome activities to get the most out of your students. MoodleCloud includes Moodle’s enormous catalog of tools for creating fun and engaging online learning spaces plus additional plugins and features.


The modular setup of MoodleCloud means that you can create courses using components like lego blocks, adding or removing new activities and resources as you go. Style your site with your own custom domain and logo.

Mobile friendly

Our official Moodle Mobile app connects with your MoodleCloud on your mobile and tablet, so you can access your course content anywhere. Available on iOS, Android & Windows.

 Getting Started

To begin navigate to We will be using a free account. Click the “Sign Up” button.


Click “Create New Account” . As you are filling out the form you will notice European english spellings, this will make you feel international.

Once you have entered the basic information, it is time to give your site a name. I am going to call mine “Build a Blended Learning Presence”, but your’s may be “Mrs. Smith’s Moodle Site” . You have to add hyphens instead of spaces as shown below:


You will be prompted to enter a verification code that was sent to your mobile phone. After that, set your password. You now have a Moodle Site! It is important to note that you have just created a site that can host multiple courses. This will give you the flexibility to add different subject focuses like Science and English. Moodle Cloud builds a basic “Introduction to Moodle” course to familiarize yourself with the basics of the platform.


In Part 2 we will cover setting up your main course. If future posts we will start to add content to start to build a blended presence regardless of your content area.