Flowlab: Web based iOS game creator

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I am sure each and everyone of you have some students who are interested in creating games for iOS and Android. Flowlab.io is a great place for them to start learning. Flowlab’s browser based interface means there is nothing to install and will even work great on Chromebooks! The following video show how easy it is to get started:

Flowlab has created an education license for $144 for unlimited accounts. If students stay with the free option they can create 3 games of up to 5 levels. Students will be introduced to concepts like sprites, collisions, movement, sound, and if/then statements. Have some of your students try it out and show us what they build. Here is my first attempt 🙂



Mike is currently the Instructional Program Director for the Montana Digital Academy, Montana's state virtual school. Teaching Elementary and Middle school, technology directing, grant writing, presenting, and now managing instruction at a virtual school has given Mike a wide range of experiences in the educational field. Being able to teach and lead technology integration has brought a great pedagogic balance to Mike’s facilitation/instruction. With degrees from Carroll College (Elementary Education), Boise State University (Educational Technology), and pursuing a doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Montana, Mike is well versed in both content and technology integration. Mike has been honored as an Outstanding Teacher by the Helena Education Foundation and winner of the ISTE “Making IT Happen” award. Mike is a NCCE Tech-Savvy Teacher in Residence and blogs regularly at the NCCE blog.