YouTube Thursday: Geek Gurl Diaries

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[YouTube Thursday is a series featuring our favorite educational channels on YouTube.  We believe in the power of video, produced by professionals, teachers and students alike!]

The Tech-Savvy teachers are strong believers in exposing students at all ages to the guts of technology as much as possible, from building their own computers to learning how to code.  However, from my own experiences planning programs for delivery to K-12 students, simply offering computer science or coding instruction often draws a mostly-male crowd.

There have been some extraordinary efforts to help close the gap, including efforts by colleges and universities to approach computer science from different angles in order to attract more girls.  You can read about one such program at Harvey Mudd here.

There are a growing number of resources available via YouTube that are aimed at younger girls to introduce them to computer science and other STEM topics.

I like the Geek Gurl Diaries, where Carrie Ann provides an encouraging and positive spin to topics like how to solder:

…programming on a Raspberry Pi:

…and how to be the only girl on a team:

There are over 30 videos in all… check out the YouTube Channel for more!