From the Tech-Savvy Librarian: CiteBite for Research

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You’re probably familiar with this scenario: students are assigned a research project, they go online to find their facts, and you are given a bibliography with good online resources that students found. When you ask students to show you where the information can be found on the website, they shrug and say “I don’t know – but I know I read it.”

Linking to an entire webpage may be good, but getting to students to point to a specific part of the web page they used for research is better. Welcome CiteBite to your research tools.

CiteBite doesn’t just link you to a web page, but to the exact part of the page you are quoting (or referencing, or want someone to read when they visit the link). No registration necessary, CiteBite works by a)pasting the text you want to quote and b)pasting the URL of the site. Within  a few minutes, you have a unique URL that will highlight the text you quoted on the page itself. Compare this link (a list of quirky Amazon product reviews) with this one ( my favorite review on that same page).   Users can create hyperlinks to reference specific resources for  research papers, emails, presentations, and any other method for sharing information. Teaching students to hyperlink to an electronic source they reference helps create authority and promotes Digital Citizenship. It encourages them to use information effectively and know the source they are citing.

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