NCCE and MyOn books: Free through June!

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Whether you are just returning from Spring Break or getting ready for it, we hope that everyone is excited for warmer days ahead. What better way to finish the school year strong than read on myON? We are thrilled to see that thousands of books have already been read on myON since the NCCE Conference! Through our partnership with myON, you, your students, and your families have free access to myON through June 30th! Keep up the great work and encourage your students to read on myON.

NCCE and myON are partnering to provide a free trial of myON book for students and families throughout the states served by NCCE.  This trial will run through June 30th and is available to all students in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington State who are not already reading on myON with their won accounts!  Through a simple login process, students and families can access over 4,000 engaging digital books on computers, tablets, and other devices. Students can read online or download books to read offline using free mobile apps.

Here is how to access myON books for this initiative:

1. Go online to or download the myON app:




2. The School name is NCCE; Username and Password is read

3.Click Submit, select your book and start reading!




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  1. Ian Patrick

    Hey Mike, I tried the NCCE school, username, password combo, but couldn’t get it to work. What am I missing? Besides too many brain cells?
    Keep up the work on your blog – I get something from you and Jason almost daily that’s useful!!!!

  2. Suzanne

    I’m looking forward to passing this information on. However, you stated that the username and password were both NCCE. Luckily the picture of the flyer had the correct username and password which is “read” or I might have given up. Thank you for the opportunity!

  3. Jason Neiffer

    Ian and Suzanne:

    Thanks for the note. It looks like we reported incorrect information.

    Username: read
    Password: read

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