Twitter for Educators; A collaborative effort

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I presented a session on Twitter 101 for educators a few weeks ago at NCCE 2014.  This post is the evolution of that initial presentation.  One attendee of that session was Matt Rosenberg @MattRosenberg3. From my presentation he just created a great YouTube video building off of his learning to share with his followers.  Meanwhile, Peter, a reader of our blog, posted to the Ask a Tech Savvy Teacher section:

“I’ve heard about the many promising uses of Twitter, signed up a long time ago, and every now and then am reminded by Twitter users that I should be embracing it, but I still don’t “get it”. Can you recommend any good resources so I can fully/finally understand its appeal and uses. Interested in both the “big picture” WHY I want to use it, and the “nuts and bolts” HOW to make it work.”

This is a great example of how we can all work together to increase our collective knowledge.  By being an educator that is willing to share, ask questions, and seek new knowledge, the sky’s the limit for the learning opportunities we can provide children.  Thank you Peter for being willing to ask for more information and to Matt for creating a great online resource.  Bringing educators together is what NCCE is all about and I am so happy with how today’s post came out of collaboration.  Here is Matt’s video and to all of our readers, keep the questions coming and let us know if you create a resource for others we can share in this space.



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  1. Matthew Rosenberg

    Michael, thank you for the compliment on my video. Owning our own professional development is a collaborative process. I was inspired by your presentation and wanted to contribute to the conversation of using Twitter in education.

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