App Review: Halftone 2

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iPad critics everywhere like to point out that the device, about to celebrate its 4th birthday, wasn’t designed as a content creation device, but a content consumption device.

While that may have been true of the initial iPad apps available upon release in 2010, the iPad now has tens of thousands of amazing apps designed to do just that: create content.

In this review, I take a look at Halftone 2, from Juicy Bits software.  Join me as I demonstrate this powerful interface for making high-quality comicbook like pages with user-generated content.  Enjoy!

Halftone 2 from the iOS App Store




Dr. Jason Neiffer is the NCCE Tech-Savvy Administrator in Residence. Jason is the first Assistant Director/Curriculum Director of the Montana Digital Academy, Montana’s public state virtual school. Since MTDA's start in 2010, he has led a team of over 150 teachers building a supplemental online education program delivering over 120 course titles to tens of thousands of students across the State of Montana. Before working with MTDA, Jason was a veteran classroom teacher with experience in two high schools building thriving programs in social studies, debate, speech, newspaper production, and computer science. Jason is a leader in educational technology integration and popular speaker and trainer with experience working with thousands of teachers from all levels to improve their tech-savvy teaching. Jason has been honored as a Distinguished Educator, Most Inspirational Teacher, Outstanding Teacher, and winner of the ISTE “Making IT Happen,” Blackboard Catalyst for Teaching and Learning, and NCCE Eric Jensen Leadership awards.

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